It all started when I bought a pair of sunglasses that wasn't worth half what I paid. This got me thinking at how is it possible that people should have to pay $150 just to have a decent pair of shades? The answer is easy : they should not.

When I first began looking for a way to solve this problem, one of the concern that struck me from the get-go was that everything was made entirely from plastic, which was a complete no-no for me from an environment perspective. Climate change being an issue often spoke of, not enough acted on, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to make a difference (for more details, go read the page on Our commitment).

The idea of sunglasses made of bamboo and wood seemed to me like a great way to convey my environmental concern, but it was also the opportunity to give my brand its own soul, which promote a life by the beach, powered by my passion of surf and wakesurf. Combined to that my wish to make this project a family one, I surrounded myself with two of my sisters; the little sister on all the instagram aspect of the business and the older sister on the accounting. I take care of the rest :)

Emile Dumont, 19 years old